Colour and Sound- 2002

In 2002 and mainly for teaching purposes, I set up a webpage called Colour and Sound on my free hosting account with Eircom, in order to provide links and information on works I was discovering at that time in relation to colour and sound. The webpage was coded  in html and in todays browsers looks very narrow, but in 2002 filled the screen!.

Vimeo Visual Music Channel


This visual music vimeo channel aims to collect  works of interest to the visual music field and the fine art moving image and music field pertaining mainly to contemporary practice.

Youtube Visual Music Playlist


Continuing on with my interest in compiling works of contemporary and historical visual music works and audio visual art works that are put online, I have set up several youtube playlists and channels for quickly accessing the example projects and works. This is my path through contemporary practice. There are several interesting play lists and channels set up by individuals and organisations that I subscribe too. For every add I add to a play list, I have watched the work and probably loved it.

Sounding Visual Website

The Sounding Visual website was set up  in 2002. I chose this name - sounding visual to represent my own work and arts practice research work.  I have not kept this website as up to date as I would like, due to being too busy and due to it being a html site, so its cumbersome to update. However, in terms of time, its a website of its time, using html coding from that time and website styling and layout typical of its time. So I am reluctant to change its brashy pink colours and thin bands of content, I have become nostalgic for my 2002 design!  I had embedded video on the website in 2002, which was quite a difficult thing to do at the time, to trade quality with file size, when youtube came about later, I uploaded my videos to youtube and then embedded these instead, but in the mid 2000s, youtube video created very compressed video and audio, I am afraid it is these 2002 versions that are on the website at present, but I intend to change that soon!

Update: The website is not live at present, but courtesy of the Wayback Machine, a 2007 screenshot
Visit: Archive of 2007 version of website




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