Peter Nagelkerke - consider 'listening to a Van Gogh painting?

Peter Nagelkerke - Traveling between stardust and brain cells

A Ted presentation by  Peter Nagelkerke on Vincent Van Gogh's use of colour with some references to his affiliation for music and musicians.  In this presentation, Ad Maas improvises some music on the piano to two of  Vincent Van Gogh's paintings.

"Ever considered 'listening' to a Van Gogh painting? If not, Peter Nagelkerke's talk, accompanied by Ad Maas on the piano, will certainly convince you otherwise. Did you for example know that Vincent van Gogh got kicked out of piano lessons for his repetitive criticism that "certain tones sounded too yellow"? As a walking encyclopedia, Nagelkerke takes us from A to Z though Van Gogh's relationship with music and the scientific background of "Synesthesia" (the overlap between senses). And for those who are not interested in the theory, the piano improvisations by Ad Maas speak for themselves."


Embedded video of presentation