COMMENT - Capturing Time

An idea/topic has been left with me, since the two day DAH institute in TCD and its the idea of capturing time.  Many art forms, only really exist in time, you have to watch them - view the film or video, visit the music concert, play the CD recording to hear the music, watch the actor, watch the dancer.  In digital arts in particular this time aspect is taking very interesting turns, visuals exist only in their appearance in the installation, sounds too.  What was interesting for me, was that in the humanities, there also is a desire to capture time, capture patterns of knowledge discovery, and knowledge access, yet access this time in a non-linear fashion through interesting and relevant information visualisations and information presentations. This time thing, can it be defined  Can one ever catch the present moment.  Catch in a sense the very moment, an idea was found or documented or achived.  Time in this sense, seems very different to the time aspect of art work.  But maybe this grapple with time in both arts and humanities is not so poles apart.  Artists mould time in the creation of new media artworks and objects that exist only in time.  Humanity scholars document time in the accurate archiving of its knowledge objects.