Bruno Latour Talk - Science Gallery

I went to the Bruno Latour talk in the Science Gallery, TCD (Monday, 20th February, 2012). Thanks to Mathew Causey for telling us about it and it was Cobi's idea to drop by, we were both fired up from a very interesting DAH ARTS seminar in the ATRL.

It was quite amazing, after hearing about all the really interesting and exciting DAH Arts projects and the discussion on Castell and Slavoj Žižek texts that Mathew and Rod had set us to suddenly be sitting listing to Bruno Latour's talk and all the concepts and ideas he was discussing in relation to Gaia - (earth?). I was not familiar with his work but I was really fascinated and interested in all he said - much of the terms he used were new for me, and to be even listening to a talk about the cosmos, was new - but it was brilliant. The title of his talk was - Re-enacting Science.  Of course, the amazing collection of images of art works that explored the idea of cosmos and Gaia was brilliant.

A book he mentioned in the talk:

A Vast Machine - Computer Models, Climate Data, and the Politics of Global Warming by Paul N. Edwards 

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