“Beneath the Snow – Piovono Ombre” - Gothic Project

The Gothic Multimedia Project announce their latest multimedia opus project entitled “

Beneath the Snow – Piovono Ombre

(”meaning “It Rains Shadows” in Italian). It is an interactive movie featuring musical, artistic and lyrical contents and it's the fruit of the complex work of a team of 28 musicians, artists, actors, graphics, technicians who collaborated under the direction of James Maximilian Jason and David Bosch.

The film itself is partly comprised of musical-art tracks and partly of dialogues in Italian with English subtitles. The 32-page booklet, depicting the whole work as well as the single stories within the main story, is entirely in English. Here you can see the trailer. It is officially released on May 28, 2016:


“Gothic” is a dark avant-garde multimedia project founded in 1989 in Genova, Italy, having released ten demos as a band (1989-2000) and four huge official multimedia works as a multimedia ensemble (2001-2016). Visit website at: