Marcio Ambrosio - Oups

Marcio Ambrosio - Oups

Interactive Video Installation


"Capturing and tracking camera, animated image integration and projectionCreated in 2007

Oups! was born from the wish to mix new technologies and classic animation in a playful and artistic way.  Each animated sequence has a script and the visitor interacts and transforms himself into an actor of this story.  When the visitor enters in a defined space, a camera records his image and projects it on a screen in front (like a mirror) in real size and time. The visitor sees himself integrated to an animation setting that follow his movements. He founds himself immersed in a creative universe of images and sounds.  The animation sequences that feed this universe are stored in a video library, new animations may be added to enrich the project. Oups! universe is playful and naive, accessible to all publics and ages."


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Marcio Ambrosio