Short Presentation on My PhD Research Topic - Visual Music

For the core module - History of Digital Arts, Matthew Causey and Rod Stoneman asked each of the Digital Arts PhD candidates on the DAH programme to prepare a short presentation on our PhD research topic, key ideas and influences presented on the 20th February 2012 in the ATRL, Trinity College, Dublin.  For this presentation, I prepared a powerpoint presentation on My Research is... Visual Music.

My Research is... Visual Music by Maura McDonnell, PhD candidate, Digital Arts and Humanities, Trinity College, Dublin

Slideshow embed of powerpoint slide:

Maura McDonnell - Visual Music Research Topic

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Honouring Prize - Visual Music Award 2011

My collaborative piece

Silk Chroma

- visuals by myself and music composition by Linda Buckley, won an honouring award at the recent

Visual Music Award 2011

held in Germany at the beginning of November, 2011.  The awards and presentation of works ceremony took place on Tuesday, 1st of November 2011 in the cocoonclub, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Cocoon Club

The organisers have put up some really stunning images from the awards night and visual music event on their facebook page.

Facebook Photographs:


Visual Music Award Facebook Page:

Photographs of Silk Chroma being presented in the Cocoon Club

Archive information for Visual Music Award 2011 from website



In 2011 for the fifth time the “Visual Music Award” was announced! For the "Visual Music Award 2011" we got a total of 90 contributions. Most of them came from Germany (60) but one-third (30) came form Austria, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Italy, South-Korea and Israel. The jury decided on October 4th 2011 to give two first prizes and one special prize, as well as six honouring prizes in the category "visual music".

Additionally the jury decided to group all installations, live performances and all interactive works in the „visual music live contest“. In the category "live & interactive" we have four honouring prizes. The artists´ names and titles of the three winning and 10 honoured works of the „Visual Music Award 2011“ are given below.

We thank all contributors, our partners and our visitors of the award ceremony on Tuesday, 1st of November 2011 beginning at 21.00 o´clock in the cocoonclub.

First prizes "visual music": " - Bagatelle I" by Robert Pohle "Skyence - INSCT" by Johannes Timpernagel

Special prize "visual music": "SYNC" by Max Hattler

Honouring prozes "live & interactive" (in alphabetic order): "the singing Canvas" by Claus Hoffmann "soundspace" by Florian Kaiser and Moritz Bader "fear:love" by Gerrit Kress "BLACKSUN" by Eva Mössner Honouring prozes "visual music" (in alphabetic order): "TWENG" by Sandra Dollo and Ulrich Berthold "beside the liquid mirror [casting a shadow is worth it]" by Daniela Fromberg and Stefan Roigk "Telephone Helicopter Applause Gunshot" by Anne Lucht "Silk Chroma" by Maura McDonnell, music composed by Linda Buckley "Cycle ∞" by Julian Scherle "The Feast" by Boris Seewald