A Sound Day

Len Lye allowed himself to be inspired by the everyday of his own lived experience and observation.  At one period in his life, such inspiration became a theme for the day.  He allowed one thing of his perception and what came to his senses at the beginning of a day to become the theme for that day.  So, for example, waking up in the morning, catching the glimpse of a colour on an object could mean that colour being the theme of the day.  A quote I love from Len Lye is ...

"The very first image your senses pick up, such as hearing something or seeing the colour of something or feeling your bare feet on the linoleum floor — whatever it may be, then that is the day it is. For instance, if you’ve just heard someone clanking a nice bit of metal outside your windows, then it’s a sound day". [Source: Horrocks, Roger, Len Lye: A Biography]

Think what inspiration there is in our immediate surroundings or what one can decide to attend to - look out for - listen to.  By our attention we can construct our art (as well as our life?) and our inspiration.

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